Online games that take you back to your childhood

In no particular order, I present to you: “5 online games that take you back to your childhood”. So without further ado, let the nostalgia begin :) !

1. Neopets

The website where we all learned to gamble on Poogle races, buy and sell stocks, code guild, shop, and user lookup layouts in crude HTML & CSS, and lied about our ages because if we weren’t 13+ we couldn’t access the chat boards without our parents faxing a signed permission form to The Neopets Team!

Old Neopet Screenshot

2. Habbo Hotel

Lido Deck, furni races, sneaking out late at night to use the landline telephone to purchase coins for Habbo Club membership, need I say any more?

Old Habbohotel screenshot

3. Maplestory

Easily the game which I’ve spent the most time on in my life, I still play to this day. The server has changed and grown dramatically since the original release in 2005, but it’s still just as addictive as ever with its grindy level up mechanics.

Old Maplestory Screenshot

4. The Sims

The Sims and The Sims 2 were a staple part of our childhood, and if you tell me you didn’t remove the ladder from the pool while your sim was swimming to watch them drown, you’re lying.

Old Sims Screenshot

5. Runescape

So much time spent chopping wood and killing cows in Lumbridge.

Old Runescape Screenshot